Cutter Cup Teams



The first Cutter Cup was played with only four players (3 qualifiers and 1 draw from hat). The day started very warm at close to 70 degrees and ended at about 40 F.  Both teams went back to State College that night and had a very good time.

Cutter Cup Team 1992
Oakmont CC: Oakmont, PA


This match is the first of 3 Cutter Cup matches hosted by Steve Glossinger.  Both teams stayed at luxurious cabins on the ground the night before and then returned to the MSU campus after the matches.  This was the last year of four person teams and the only time a person has played in two Cutter Cup matches PSU's Steve Symovich.



This match marked the first time with 5 players (four qualifiers and 1 draw) and also the first time that a team had won the cup on foreign soil.

Cutter Cup Team 1994
Laurel Valley CC: Ligonier, PA


The fourth Cutter Cup at Oakland Hills marked the second time Superintendent Steve Glossinger had hosted the match.  It also was played only 8 months prior to the 1996 US Open!


This match was decided on the last hole of the last group after a 45 minute rain delay that again saw a tremendous change in temperature.  The PSU player won the match putting with his sand wedge after his putter had mysteriously broken during his round.


This original Donald Ross course was a wonderful site for the sixth Cutter Cup.  Host Superintendent Tom Gray and the Club role out the red carpet for a luncheon after the match and the groups never looked better in a coat and tie.

CC 1997 MSU
Franklin Hills CC: Franklin, MI


Third time was a charm for Superintendent Steve Glossinger as the Cup moved from its Michigan/Pennsylvania roots for the first time.  The real reason for the match moving had to do with football.  In the previous matches the host team also had the annual MSU-PSU football clash.  The two professors were often forced into making two trips in one fall and then none the next.  In the interest of fairness the match was held in neither state and the rotation has been in place ever since.

Cutter Cup Team, 1998
Caves Valley Golf: Owings Mills, MD


This was possibly the most exciting Cutter Cup finish ever at the grand Pittsburgh Field Club.  The final MSU player 5-putted the final hole to produce a tie for both the individual match and the Cup.  Superintendent Zedreck provided a wonderful venue for the day.

Cutter Cup Team, 1999
Pittsburgh Field Club: Pittsburgh, PA


One of the hidden gems of the Michigan golf course world provided a very fitting back drop for another exciting finish.  The draw left the all-time series at 3-3-3 a great sign that these programs were evenly matched in many areas.

Cutter Cup Team, 2000
Meadowbrook Country Club: Novi, MI


The 10th Annual Cutter Cup matches hosted by Larry Napora a friend of both coordinators was commemorated by a set of Flags highlighting the schools the competition and Treesdale Golf Club.  These flags were provided by the local LESCO dealer (who had been an earlier Cutter Cup participant) and have been used in several matches over the years as the students passed the set back and forth.  After these matches a second level of cups were added to the Cutter Cup trophy.

Cutter Cup Team, 2001
Treesdale Country Club: Butler, PA


This date marked the first time that the matches were played in Ohio with Tom Walker providing a wonderful day for all.  The 2003 US Senior Open was played at Inverness 8 months later.

Cutter Cup Team, 2002
Inverness Golf Club: Toledo, OH


This match proved to be the last one for Dr. George Hamilton Penn State Coordinator and co-founder for the Cutter Cup Match.  Although hurting from all the effects of pancreatic cancer and its treatments Dr. Hamilton did manage to play a few holes with his friends Trey Rogers and Jim Crum.  His enthusiasm and zest for life even during this time were inspiring. George would succumb to pancreatic cancer 9 months after this event.

Totteridge Golf Club-Jeannette, PA
Totteridge Golf Club: Jeannette, PA


It was decided at this match that the Cutter Cup would be renamed the G.W. Hamilton Memorial Cutter Cup in honor of the late Dr. George Hamilton co-founder of the matches.  Host superintendent Steve Rebhan had this classic Willie Park Jr. course in pristine condition for this special day.

Cutter Cup Team, 2004
Battle Creek Country Club: Battle Creek, MI


The match marked three notable firsts.  It was the first match for new PSU coordinator Carmen Magro it was the first match missed by MSU coordinator Trey Rogers and it was the first match declared a draw due to incompletion of play due to darkness.

Cutter Cup Team, 2005
Merion Golf Club: Merion, PA


On what was arguably the finest golfing day of all 15 Cutter Cup matches Trey Rogers and Carmen Magro renewed the tradition of coordinators going off in the first foursome of the day prior to the actual matches.  Superintendent John Fulling and his staff provided an absolutely perfect golf course enjoyed by all.  Although the match ended in a MSU victory leaving the all-time series at 5-5-5 it was clear that all were winners and that the matches would go on indefinitely.

Cutter Cup Team, 2006
Kalamazoo Country Club: Kalamazoo, MI


For the second time in the history of the Cutter Cup the match was played on Ohio soil.  The owner of Double Eagle Mr. John McConnell is a 1950 MSU graduate and the golf course superintendent Mr. Todd Voss is a 1991 PSU graduate adding fuel to the fun-filled rivalry.  Max Schlossberg and Trey Rogers led all groups off the first tee joined by 2004 Cup host Steve Rebhan.  MSU won four of five contests and held onto the Cup for the fourth year.  The day was absolutely perfect and the idea to have more matches on ''neutral'' soil seemed very fitting for multiple reasons.

Cutter Cup Team, 2007
Double Eagle Club: Galena, OH


On a absolutely picture perfect day for golf the 17th Cutter Cup match was played on Ohio soil for the second year in a row.  The site of the Cutter Cup Inverness Golf Club marked the first time that the match was played at a repeat golf course as Inverness was the site for the 2002 match.  Host superintendent Steve Anderson (MSU 1994) had the course in fantastic condition and the greens brutally fast.  Together with Trey Rogers Max Schlossberg and Kevin Frank they lead all groups off the first tee.  Penn State won the match 3-2 with the pivotal match all square after 17 holes thus keeping with the tradition of  this close rivalry and returning the cup to Pennsylvania for the first time since 2004.

Cutter Cup Team, 2008
Inverness Golf Club: Toledo, OH


On a cool cloudy day on a perfect golf course the Sharon Golf Club the Penn State Nittany Lions proved too much for the Michigan State Spartans winning 4-1.  Host superintendent Frank Dobie welcomed both groups warmly as new PSU faculty member John Kaminski participated in his first Match.  

Cutter Cup Team, 2009
The Sharon Golf Club: Sharon Center, OH


 The Penn State Nittany Lions and the Michigan State Spartans battled to a tie 2.5 points apiece.  Host superintendent Larry Napora hosting his second Cutter Cup was the perfect host as was the venue as the MSU team spent Saturday in the famous Firestone CC Clubhouse.  Professors Rogers and Crum from MSU and Schlossburg and Kaminski from PSU were in attendance and held a wonderful match as well.  The 19th Cutter Cup marked the fourth time in as many years that the match was held on Ohio soil.

Cutter Cup Team, 2010
Firestone Country Club: Akron, OH


 Fitting for the general weather pattern of 2011 the 20th Cutter Cup was played for the 5th year in a row on Ohio soil.  Shaker Heights CC was a outstanding venue with a rich history legendary architect and wonderful host superintendent John Namciu.  All Professors were in attendance Kaminski Schlossberg Crum and Rogers and held their perennial exhibition match.  The real action between the schools ended in a tie for the third consecutive year and seventh in 20 thus allowing PSU to retain the cup.

Cutter Cup Team, 2011
Shaker Heights Country Club: Shaker Heights, OH


Windy warm mid October day the 21st GWH Cutter cup moved back to Michigan soil as the Nittany Lions and the Spartans battled at the Tom Doak renovated Country Club of Detroit Grosse Point Farms MI.  All of the matches were quite close and when the dust had settled Penn State had a hard fought 3-2 victory.  Superintendent Bob McCurdy had the course in outstanding condition and the professors were in attendance sans Kaminski.  A great day had by all.3

Cutter Cup Team, 2012
Country Club of Detroit: Gross Point Farms, MI


The Spartans won the Cutter Cup in surprisingly easy fashion with each match victory finished by no later than the 13th hole.  Despite heavy rain the night before Superintendent Jason Hurwitz and his staff had this classic Seth Raynor design in outstanding condition.  The 17th Par 3 Biarritz was especially notable.  MSU professors Rogers and Crum were in attendance while Kaminski brought 1993 Cutter cup participant and PSU Golf course manager Rick Pagett to represent. The Cutter Cup returned to Michigan Soil to stay for the first time since 2007.


The 2014 match was played at Orchard Lake CC, in Orchard Lake, Michigan, a Detroit suburb.  Aaron McMaster and his crew had this Colt/Alison original (renovated by Keith Foster in 2012) in perfect condition and the Pure Distinction creeping bentgrass greens were like glass.  After the smoke cleared the Spartans squeaked out a 3-2 victory leaving the cup on Michigan soil for multiple years for the first time in close to a decade.  


Cutter Cup Team, 2014
Orchard Lake Country Club: West Bloomfield, MI


This particular event marked the inaugural appearance of Dr. Ben McGraw the newest Penn State Turf faculty member. The PSU faculty team showed promising continuity and Tom Green accompanied Trey Rogers on his first Cutter Cup adventure.  Plans for the Silver Anniversary 25th match were already under discussion during their round.                                                                                

Cutter Cup Team, 2015
Sewickley Heights Golf Club: Sewickley, PA


 MSU and PSU held the Silver anniversary of the GW Hamilton Cutter Cup event.  PSU alum Todd Voss and staff had the course in superb condition and Double Eagle became just the second course in the tournament history to hold the event multiple times.  A special flag was designed by the sister of the MSU turf club President and was put out for the event.


Both program directors were back in attendance for 2017 and the annual professor match went the same way for the hapless PSU profs in spite of a full allotment of equitable strokes.  The entertainment for the day was provided by the live Twitter feed.  The PSU squad overwhelmed the MSU lads by a score of 5-0.  It marked the first shutout in Cutter Cup history as the PSU golfers were superior in every phase.  Dan Dingman and staff had the recently renovated Birmingham CC in impeccable condition in spite of a 1.0 inch rain the night before.  (The 20 miles of drain tile installed in 2016 certainly paid off.)


The 2018 Cutter Cup match continued the dominance of the PSU side, with the Spartans managing only a half in one match.  Despite the lopsided score, the day was spectacular, as Micah Lowell and staff at Butler CC presented an outstanding golf course.  The weekend marked a Saturday tailgate at Beaver stadium before the usual Sunday match, as the football teams played in October for the first time since Penn State joining the Big Ten Conference.   The tailgate was and the fellowship was first class.

Cutter Cup Team, 2018
Butler Country Club: Butler, PA


The 2019 Cutter Cup was played after the second year of PSU-MSU tailgate and football game Saturday in October, with the Spartans and host Greg Lyman putting on quite a spread.  The golf match at Barton Hills CC in Ann Arbor, MI was more of the same from the previous two years, a total swamping by the Nittany Lions.  While the weather was cold and blustery, the presentation by Colin Seaberg and staff was outstanding. 

Cutter Cup Team, 2019


After taking 2020 off for the pandemic, the 2021 Cutter Cup resumed play at Avon Oaks Country Club in Avon, OH. Terry Boehm, 1993 MSU graduate, was the gracious host for the 29th match. The match was as close as the 3-2 Spartan victory would indicate, as three matches made were closely contested. The GW Hamilton Cutter Cup returned to Spartan soil for the first time since  2015.