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  • Introduction to Lakes Online

    Introduction to Lakes Online is a six-week online course specially designed for lake users, lakefront property owners and lake managers interested in learning about inland lakes. From the comfort of home or office, participants have 24/7 access to six online units complete with closed-captioned video lectures, interactive activities, additional resources, discussion forums, quizzes and live chat sessions with classmates and MSU Extension experts. The course is typically offered in January.

  • Plant Health. Healthier Planet.

    Published on July 1, 2020
    This series of Futures articles supports the United Nation's 2020 Year of Plant Health. From combating food insecurity to fighting disease and invasive pests, we highlight our research and its impact on plant health here.

  • Natural Resources

    Published on February 1, 2021
    Conducting research at the crossroads of trees, wildlife, water and climate.

  • Tips and Tricks for Wintertime on the Horse Farm

    Published on February 15, 2021

    MI Ag Ideas to Grow With 2021 - Animal Agriculture Session: Learn about feeding and housing your horse through the winter. This presentation will include the topics of the importance of body condition scoring your horse, winter dehydration, managing hay supplies, as well as tips for housing your horse(s) throughout the sometimes-artic blast of wintertime.

  • How to Stay Hydrated

    Published on May 13, 2020

    Are you drinking enough water? MSU Extension Community Nutrition Instructor, Vicki Ballas shares tips for staying hydrated.

  • The Realities that no one tells you about Owning Chickens and the Direct Marketing of Meat

    Published on February 17, 2021

    MI Ag Ideas to Grow With 2021 - Animal Agriculture Session: Many people who buy chicks or even grow chickens do not understand the ramifications of owning such animals. Owning poultry is very different from dogs and cats even though they are of similar size, it is more like owning livestock and they should be treated as such. This presentation will introduce and familiarize potential and current poultry owners with the different aspects of raising poultry that they may not understand. Learn more about nutrition, housing, laws and regulations, sick poultry care, diseases and general considerations when owning and raising poultry. There are a lot of factors to consider when direct marketing meats to consumers. What are the required regulations and how do you follow them? Where can you sell your meat? What factors should you consider when choosing and working with a processor? How do you price the product? What are the impacts of COVID-19 on direct marketing meat and processor scheduling? This session will cover the basics of direct marketing meat and answer these questions and others you have.This presentation is included as part of the Realities That No One Tells You About Owning Chickens recording.

  • Stacie Nicole Smith

    Associate Managing Director and Senior Mediator, Consensus Building Institute

  • Joan Rose

    Homer Nowlin Endowed Chair in Water Research; Professor; Co-Director, Center for Water Sciences and Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment

  • Water Sustainability for China and Beyond

    Published on August 10, 2012
    We highlight China’s water crisis and plan, and then offer recommendations.

  • Integrated assessments of payments for ecosystem services programs

    Published on September 26, 2013
    Using the Paddy Land to Dry Land (PLDL) program as a case study, Zheng et al. (1) quantify benefits and costs to both service providers and beneficiaries.

  • Quantifying changes in water use and groundwater availability in a megacity using novel integrated systems modeling

    Published on August 31, 2017
    Water sustainability in megacities is a growing challenge with far-reaching effects.

  • Evolution of multiple global virtual material flows

    Published on January 1, 2019
    To address this knowledge gap, we assessed the evolution and interactions of global flows of virtual water, energy, land, CO2, nitrogen as well as financial capital embodied in international trade from 1995 to 2008.

  • China's Environment on a Metacoupled Planet

    Published on October 19, 2018
    China has emerged as a global economic powerhouse after four decades of unprecedented growth

  • Using plants and microorganisms to create sustainable ecosystems

    Published on February 4, 2021
    Dawn Reinhold, associate professor in the MSU Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, researches how duckweed inoculated with microorganisms can remove pollutants from an ecosystem.

  • MSU and U.S. Army work to improve wastewater treatment facilities on military bases

    Published on May 8, 2020
    The $1.3 million grant was awarded to Michigan State University and the U.S. Army to convert blackwater and organic food wastes into potable water and renewable energy.

  • MSU researcher establishing disease risk levels in low-flow plumbing fixtures

    Published on February 27, 2020
    Jade Mitchell, an associate professor in the Michigan State University Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, is part of a project to reduce health hazards of low-flow water systems.

  • Inspiring not just conservation – but the right conservation

    Published on March 24, 2014
    People need more than good intentions to reduce their environmental footprint. In fact, scientists are learning that a personal footprint is hard to see.

  • Former NASA scientist joins two MSU departments

    Published on November 4, 2020
    Narendra Das will teach and lead research in the departments of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering.

  • Trending – Flavored Seltzer Water

    Published on November 29, 2021
    Over the last few years, we’ve seen flavored seltzer water become a popular product with new brands and exciting flavors popping up in our stores. In this post, we explore flavored seltzer waters.