MSU AgBioResearch's annual report highlights a cross-section of AgBioResearch-funded projects across its five priority areas:

  • Food and health
  • Enhancing profitability in agriculture and natural resources
  • Environmental stewardship and natural resources policy and management
  • Secure food and fiber systems
  • Families and community vitality.

It also contains general AgBioResearch information (e.g., faculty and staff members, outlying research centers, publications and resources) and a financial report.

Futures, MSU AgBioResearch's magazine, is written in non-scientific terms for the general public. Each issue profiles the work of several AgBioResearch scientists organized around a specific topic. Recent issues have focused on new research frontiers, economic development and food safety.

The MSU AgBioResearch-MSU Extension joint legislative report captures the latest developments from the two entities, detailing key research findings, programs and community outreach initiatives that positively impact Michigan residents.