Xutong Wu

Xutong Wu

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Past Visting PhD candidate
Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability


Advisor: Jianguo "Jack" Liu

Xutong received his Bachelor’s degree in geographical science at Nanjing University. Now he is a PhD candidate in physical geography at Peking University, China. His past research focuses on ecosystem services and socio-ecological system, involving land use optimization based on assessment of ecosystem services, trade-off analysis of ecosystem services, changes of social-ecological factors and their drivers, socioeconomic effects of payment for ecosystem service programs, and regime shift of socio-ecological system. His research region mainly focuses on the Loess Plateau in China.

During his stay in MSU, Xutong plans to learn system integration and telecoupling framework in CSIS and improve his research skills in coupled human and natural systems and sustainability. His future research interest will focus on the evolution and sustainability of social-ecological system via system integration approaches.