The Clues Are In the Poo: Tracking COVID-19 in Wastewater

September 23, 2022 12:00PM - 1:00PM

WKAR Studios - CAS 145

What are you really flushing down the toilet?

Three Toilet Talks will address how a drop of sewage tells a greater story on COVID-19 tracking.


  • SARS, Polio, Monkeypox and Beyond: Watching Our Global Health Through Wastewater
    • Dr. Joan Rose, Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Signals from the MSU Sewer: Why Should You Give a Poo?
  • MiNET: Building a Statewide Network for Wastewater Surveillance
    • Dr. Erin Dreelin, associate professor, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife; coordinator, MSU Water Science Network



WKAR studios - CAS 145

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